Watch A Master Pastry Chef Create The Rock's Edible Birthday Gift

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a lover of many things—cheesy dad jokes, roasting Kevin Hart, lifting heavy things until his veins bulge outward—but one of his greatest loves appears to be food. He's always looking for the perfect meal to pair with his Teremana Tequila (starting with chips and guacamole is a must), and he even shared his chef's recipe for coconut banana pancakes with his Instagram followers recently... to say nothing of his Sunday cheat day meals, which are nothing short of legendary. The point is, the man knows good food and where to find it. And for his 49th birthday this month, he received an unforgettable edible gift: a dumbbell made entirely of chocolate.

The artist is Amaury Guichon, a Swiss pastry chef and founder of The Pastry Academy in Las Vegas. Guichon has 3.5 million Instagram followers, and for good reason; his creations are stunningly realistic, making you rethink the very substance of chocolate and what it's capable of becoming. For The Rock's birthday present, the chocolate was assembled piece by piece as a real dumbbell would be; in the full video, you can see Guichon making silicone molds of actual dumbbell components, then pouring the chocolate in to achieve the proper specs. This means that the nuts and bolts actually fit together and tighten, and when spray-painted silver, they're positively uncanny. The handle is even given a textured grip.

It's hard to imagine how time-consuming and painstaking a project like this must be. The silicone molds alone must take hours. And what if you don't pull the chocolate bolts from the mold carefully enough? One chipped ridge is enough to shatter the illusion. Does anyone out there have an educated guess about the hours of labor involved here? That might begin to tell the story of what such a thing could possibly cost, if it hadn't been a birthday gift. Given the likely price tag, I think I'd cry if anyone took a bite of it. Head here for the full mesmerizing video.