The O.F.T.D. Swizzle Is The Spiced Tiki Drink To Pull You Through The Winter Blues

The 151 Swizzle is the classic spiced tiki drink that appeared at the Don The Beachcomber chain of bars a half century ago (the 151 references the 151-proof rum used).

Lost Lake bartender Paul McGee contributed to the production of Plantation's overproof rum, which is the basis of his riff on the 151 Swizzle. "O.F.T.D." stand for "Old Fashioned Traditional Dark," the Plantation rum used in this drink. With absinthe, bitters, and a cinnamon stick garnish, this refreshing drink has notes of spice and anise.


The O.F.T.D. Swizzle

1.5 oz. dark rum0.75 oz. lime juice0.75 simple syrup (1:1 sugar:water)2 dashes angostura bitters2 dashes absintheNutmeg to dust

Combine liquid ingredients into a Collins glass. Fill glass halfway with crushed ice, swizzle with swizzle stick. Fill to top with more crushed ice. Dust nutmeg powder, garnish with mint bouquet and cinnamon stick.