What Movie Meal Do You Want To Take A Bite Of?

While hanging out on social media couldn't be less similar to actual human interaction, it does provide some glimmers of joy when you're least expecting it. With most of the country holed up at home, our boredom has produced some entertaining content. Our favorite this week was a Twitter thread started by writer Monica Heisey tha asked the question: Which movie meal have you always desperately wanted to eat? 

The answers are excellent, and the gifs, even better. Why do I remember this animated Ritz cracker so distinctly??

Really, any Nancy Meyers food.

And, of course, the movie that made soft-boiled eggs sexy.

So we ask you, dear readers: what film food have you always coveted? Miss Trunchbull's impossibly thick chocolate cake in Matilda, or the punchbowl that the spoons dive into in "Be Our Guest," or the spaghetti from Lady And The Tramp? We humbly invite you to, as they say, pop off in the comments.