The IKEA Vegan Dog Has Arrived

In February, Munchies sent someone to Sweden to try the new IKEA vegan hot dog, then only available in the Bistro in the chain's Malmö location. The writer's verdict was mixed, but the dog seems to have been a hit regardless—selling 1 million hot dogs in a month in Europe, according to VegNews. As of this week, that dog has breached North American shores.

While we can't say for sure that this veggie dog uses the same recipe as the veggie dog Munchies encountered, it sounds pretty close. Both are topped with pickled cabbage, crispy onions, and a brown mustard. Both are made with a bunch of non-meat ingredients, including kale and red lentils. What we can say with authority is that IKEA's vegan meatballs, which you can buy frozen for $7.99, contains many of the same ingredients as the veggie dog, and is in fact quite delicious.

A quick note: Buzz60's Maria Mercedes Galuppo notes that not all locations will carry vegan buns for the dogs, so that's worth confirming before you chow down.