Last Call: The Best Tweets From Our Worst Kitchen Moments

Twitter has a way of pinpointing the national mood and serving as a megaphone to amplify it. Never has this been more true than throughout the last two months, as shelter-in-place orders have shifted the role of social media in our lives. Oh, it's still chock full of the same frivolous memes and bizarre little experiments that it always was, but those time-fillers have gained infinitely more value as they've become our primary means of staying entertained and connected.

Not only is everyone seemingly much more online, but they're all cooking more than ever before, too. Thus, Twitter has become a treasure trove of food- and cooking-related tweets. Here are some of our favorites from this week.

Spoken like someone who's been making a lot of soup, or pasta, or leftovers. I wholeheartedly agree that dinner plates are bullshit. (Would I have agreed with this firm stance even six weeks ago?)

Thanks to our recent investigation of Jell-O, I have a newfound appreciation for this pie, if it is indeed real. (Must be using sheets of gelatine rather than powder in order to get that glassy effect.)

Today, Twitter taught me that it's possible to be jealous of an otter's poke lunch. That's an important and humbling lesson.

Whom among us would not agree?

If you've gotten this far in life, now is the time to say "fuck it" and live. This woman should be all of us.

I couldn't figure out why this had so many likes, until I realized I was overthinking it. This misadventure in pancakery is all of us right now. It's as simple as that.

I'd like to commend the artists on their beautiful classic white loaf and midcentury couch. If they are looking to branch out into the carbohydrate arts, look no further than this recipe.

The greatest and most fashionable of personality tests.

And finally, to inspire jealousy and voyeurism, we have Chrissy Teigen showing us her screening room (??) candy drawer (???), the only relatable part of which is when she spills a million M&Ms everywhere and reflexively swears in front of the children. It's a pretty good payoff.

What tweets tickled your fancy today?