The Dairy Farmers Of Wisconsin Invite You To A Cheese Party

It's really easy to lose track of time these days, so you may be forgiven for forgetting that this Thursday, June 4, is National Cheese Day. But the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin have not forgotten, and they're throwing a party to celebrate.

In the beforetimes, this party was to have taken place in Chicago (which is still in Illinois, not Wisconsin, but maybe the dairy farmers, with typical Midwestern humility and resignation, anticipated that people from other parts of the country wouldn't know the difference), and there would be lots of cheese for everyone. But now it's on Zoom: the World's Largest Virtual Cheese Party. "We owed it to cheese lovers across the nation to make their cheese dreams come true," Suzanne Fanning, CMO and senior vice president at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin/Wisconsin Cheese, told Food & Wine. What that means is people will get to follow a cheese-tasting from the cheeseless comfort of their own couches.

The dairy farmers had promised to provide free cheese for the first 5oo guests who registered, but how long did you think that was gonna last? That cheese is gone. Or at least promised. Still, don't abandon hope: Food & Wine reports that the hosts are now promising that ten lucky partygoers can win free cheese after the party.