8 Simple Recipes To Turn Classic Thanksgiving Dishes Into Bite-Size Snacks

Not into the idea of a sit-down dinner? Here's how to make a spread full of smaller, equally delicious bites.

Is there anything more unifying than snacks? Snacking brings us all together in shared comfort and joy. That's why The Takeout is pleased to present Snacksgiving: eight great recipes that snackify all of Thanksgiving's classic dishes. Because when you celebrate with snacks, you can eat all day long, instead of waiting around for the main event at dinnertime.

Snacks don't require utensils or plates, freeing you from excess cleanup. Snacks aren't going to come out of the oven underdone or overdone, leaving you cursing your meat thermometer. And snacks are the ultimate come-as-you-are food, inviting us to be our truest selves instead of standing on ceremony. Please enjoy the following recipes, and raise a glass to new traditions.

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Green Bean Casserole Dip

Seemingly every year, the internet reopens the argument about whether green bean casserole is actually good. No matter what side of the fence you're on, you're likely to enjoy Green Bean Casserole Dip, because it takes all the best parts of the classic dish and discards some of its typically slimier elements, like canned green beans. Dip (along with sandwiches and pizza) is one of the top three food groups, making it the ideal vehicle to forever change your idea of what green bean casserole can be. Here's the recipe.


Sweet Potato Gougeres

These fluffy puffs pack a cheesy wallop while still landing lightly like little clouds, and they're the perfect festive snack before (or in place of) Thanksgiving dinner. Even better, you can make the dough, freeze it in balls ahead of time, and bake your Sweet Potato Gougeres straight from the freezer. Don't feel like making sweet potatoes? Here's a pro tip: just use a jar of baby food! It's the smoothest puree imaginable, and most brands have no added ingredients, so they don't mess with your seasoning. There's no excuse not to try this irresistible snack. Here's the recipe.


Thanksgiving Turkey Party Meatballs

Everything tastes better when it's on a toothpick—so we've mashed up Thanksgiving dinner and stuck it on the end of one. Classic 1970s-style "party meatballs" require dropping your meatballs into a warm bath of grape jelly and Heinz chili sauce. In our Thanksgiving Turkey Party Meatballs, we've swapped out the grape jelly with cranberry sauce, in keeping with the spirit of a snackable holiday. Here's the recipe.


Thanksgiving Chex Mix

It doesn't get easier, or more mind-bogglingly snackable, than Chex Mix. What is it about this crunchy, savory combo that causes it to magically disappear by the bowlful? Our Thanksgiving version adds dried cranberries for some seasonal sweetness, as well as poultry seasoning, which tricks your mind into thinking you're eating dinner by the fistful. Enjoy this toasty, fragrant snack any time of day or night. Here's the recipe.


Sausage Stuffing Pigs in a Blanket

Sausage stuffing is a staple of the Thanksgiving table, but rather than piling it high on the fine china, wouldn't it be more fun to wrap it up in crescent roll dough and enjoy all those savory stuffing flavors in itty-bitty buttery bite-size form? With Sausage Stuffing Pigs in a Blanket, you've got a timeless Thanksgiving side that you can stick in your pocket for later—truly a feat of holiday engineering. Here's the recipe.


Brussels Sprout Pancetta Flatbread

Let's talk vegetables. This "pizza"—made with butter, cheese, and a generous amount of pork fat—is the perfect dish for your Snacksgiving menu. It's really a play on German flammkuchen, topped with the undisputed G.O.A.T. Thanksgiving vegetable and then sliced up into bite-sized squares. Voila: Brussels Sprout Pancetta Flatbread. The sprouts are prepared three different ways so that you can enjoy the textural contrast of raw, sauteed, and crispy fried greens. Here's the recipe.


Thanksgiving Turkey Nachos

This show-stopping snack just might become your new favorite vehicle for poultry. Thanksgiving Turkey Nachos turn the holiday on its head with a burst of familiar flavors presented in entirely new ways: Turkey tinga, cranberry picked onions, sweet potato salsa—layer these components on top of each other for an unforgettable experience, no fork or knife required. Here's the recipe.


Thanksgiving Pie Snack Packs

What's your ideal Thanksgiving pie: apple, pecan, or pumpkin? Everyone has an opinion, but with these single-serve Snack Pack pudding dessert cups, no one is forced to choose. It's a pudding parfait served three ways, each with a layer of pie dough crumbles to add some texture and capture the indulgent, gooey charms of their pie counterparts. Here's the recipe.