9 Of The Best Grocery Store Apps, Ranked

Not all coupons and rewards programs are created equal.

Gone, it seems, are the days of clipping physical coupons in order to get the best deals at grocery stores—but that doesn't mean there aren't deals to be had. Enter the mobile apps, those handy little widgets that live in our phones. Just as mobile apps can make the fast food ordering process smoother and cheaper, many of the nation's leading grocery store chains have introduced apps to enhance the shopping experience.

But not every grocery store app fulfills its promise to make your shopping trips better. Which ones are worth it and which are just taking up space in your phone? Here's our definitive ranking, from worst to best.

Honorable mention: Trader Joe’s

Rewards? No, because Trader Joe's itself doesn't even have an app.

Wait, then why is this on the list? While the grocery store itself doesn't have an app, I wanted to give it an honorable mention for the app it does pair with, Magnusmode. This app provides resources for people with autism and other neurodiverse abilities as they shop to make the experience more accessible and less overwhelming. Different cards in the app detail the sensory experience of the store and provide step-by-step instructions for how to interact with cashiers and different sections of the grocery store.


Worth downloading? If you or someone in your life can benefit from this resource, then you should definitely download. I hope more grocery stores partner with this app soon.

8. Aldi

Rewards? No. Womp womp.

What else the app has to offer: There are no rewards or extra in-app coupons—the only money-saving feature is a section that lets you know about the latest price reductions, which you can always check before heading to the store, though you'll be getting those deals with or without the app.


Along with standard features like a store locator and grocery list, there's a QR code scanner in the app that allows you to get more details on in-store products while shopping.

Worth downloading? If you're an avid Aldi shopper, you'll be getting these deals anyway—and Aldi always has good deals to begin with. Download only if you're going to check on price drops before heading to the store.

7. Costco

Rewards? None. But you're already a Costco member, and isn't that in itself a reward?

What else the app has to offer: With this app you can keep track of all your past receipts and upload a digital member card as a backup in the event you forget or lose your physical card. Other than that, this is basically the Costco website on your phone, and the best way to keep track of when prices are at their lowest is by following the signage in the store.


Worth downloading? Having an extra member card option feels worthwhile, but if you're not worried about that then skip it. This is the lowest rated grocery store app on Apple's app store at a measly two stars.

6. Sam’s Club

Rewards? No, but same deal as with Costco—you're kind of already getting rewarded with bulk prices.

What else the app has to offer: Again, similar to Costco, you can get your hands on a digital membership card for whenever you might need it. But the most unique thing with this app is the Scan & Go option. You use your phone to scan as you add things into your cart and when you're done, you pay in the app. On your way out, a store member will scan your digital receipt and you're on your way.


Worth downloading? This is perfect for those who want to limit their interactions with cashiers and cut down on time standing in line.

5. Whole Foods

Rewards? If you're an Amazon Prime member, then yes. Prime members get an extra 10% off any sale items and there are often other special offers, marked by blue signs throughout the store. While you can add your Prime account to the Whole Foods app, it works the same if you just pull up your Amazon app—just click "In-Store Code" and scan that at checkout.


What else the app has to offer: Along with all the typical grocery app capabilities—make a grocery list, browse pricing and sale items, pay digitally—you can also use the Whole Foods app to place pickup orders for pizza, sandwiches, salads, and other grab-and-go foods available for lunch and dinner.

Worth downloading? If you're a Prime member, the Amazon app will serve you just fine; there's nothing too much more exciting in the Whole Foods app unless you're regularly grabbing meals from one of their ready to eat counters.

4. Target

Rewards? Yes. Every time you scan your Target Circle barcode or enter your phone number, you get back 1% of that purchase along with a certain number of votes that you can cast on which charities Target should support. You can also earn rewards on qualifying purchases (typically spending X amount of dollars on a particular brand), and on your birthday your entire purchase will be 5% off.


What else the app has to offer: You can place pickup and delivery orders right in the app. Target Circle members are also given special offers to clip in the app—be sure to scan your barcode at checkout to make sure those coupons are counted. You can also check to see if certain products are available at other locations in real time, which is helpful if you're shopping for something specific.

Worth downloading? Sure, why not! The rewards aren't the most, uh, rewarding—I've been a member since 2019 and my lifetime cash back earnings amount to less than $20, plus I'm not sure how much those votes for donations really count. But there are some worthwhile coupons, and if you're relying more heavily on pickup and delivery for grocery runs these days, this is an easy way to do it.


3. Walmart

Rewards? While there aren't any in-store shopping rewards, Walmart app members can save 5 cents per gallon on gas at Walmart and Murphy gas stations. These days, that nickel goes a long way.

What else the app has to offer: Here we have the typical accoutrements: order for pickup and delivery, make a grocery list, look at weekly ads for savings, scan a barcode in-store for exact pricing. The most useful addition here is the push notifications for price rollbacks—you'll know the second something you've been looking at goes on sale.


Worth downloading? For those with a car, this one's worth it for the gas discount alone.

2. ForU (Albertson’s, Jewel, Safeway)

Rewards? Yes, and pretty good ones at that. You get one point for every dollar spent in store, and every 100 points equals one reward. Cashing in just one reward can get you a number of things for free, from mangoes to canned corn to dental floss. If you stack up as many as 12 rewards, that's at least $20 off your next grocery purchase. Just remember to scan the app or type in your phone number at checkout for your points to be tracked and rewards added.


What else the app has to offer: Along with the rewards, you can clip coupons in the app that along with typical coupon deals include earning extra reward points on certain purchases. Not only can you make your grocery list in-app, but the app can provide a premade ingredient list for certain meal plans.

Worth downloading? Definitely! This is my go-to grocery app.

1. Meijer

Rewards? Yes! Through the app you can become a member of mPerks, which offers rewards for every $100 spent. You can also earn rewards on qualifying brand purchases, filling prescriptions at the Meijer pharmacy, and using a Meijer credit card. If you ever forget to scan your rewards card or enter your phone number, no sweat; as long as you have your receipt you can enter your purchase in the app after the fact.


What else the app has to offer: In this app you can clip digital coupons, check out weekly ads, order for pickup or delivery, and make grocery lists. In Meijer you can also shop and scan, scanning your items as you go and paying in the app instead of waiting in the checkout line.

Worth downloading? Abso-frickin-lutely. So long as you're near a Meijer, the deals are the most worthwhile and the shop-and-scan feature just may be the way of the future.