Here Are Some Of The Best Sneaker Designs Inspired By Food

Usually when we alert you to fashion collaborations between food brands and footwear companies, the resulting product is a novelty at best, something to send to a friend and joke that they'd look great sporting a piece of fried chicken or marshmallow Peeps on their foot. But sometimes a footwear collab is positively inspired, incorporating all the right elements of the food branding into the shoe's design to create a fashion statement that customers can get genuinely excited about, whether they're fast food fanatics or not. Forbes has created a list of the 13 best food-inspired sneakers from recent years, and the range of designs is enough to make the majority of us feel woefully unhip.


If you're a freezer aisle connoisseur, then you might have already been anticipating the much hyped Ben & Jerry's collaboration that dropped two days ago: The Nike SB x Ben & Jerry's Chunky Dunky.

There's so much to love about these sneakers. The hairy textured cow print, the commitment to chromatic chaos with a rainbow topline, and the ice creamification of the Nike swoosh, which appears to be dripping. "The shoe, which hasn't released yet, already has asking prices in the thousands of dollars on resale sites," noted Forbes a few days before the shoe's debut. What is this, a Supreme Oreo?

While the branding on the Ben & Jerry's shoe rather obviously mimics the art on one of the ice cream purveyor's pint cartons, some of the designs aren't aligned with a particular brand, but rather inspired by food more generally. This makes the sneakers a little more subtle, and the idea that you can wear them without feeling quite so much like a billboard has its own appeal. That's how I feel about the Saucony Saucamole:


Every shoe highlighted by Forbes is pretty great, and it's a clever way for brands to diversify their offerings. What food(s) would you shoehorn into a sneaker design?