The A.V. Club Tried Pizza Hut's Newest Abomination, The Hot Dog Bites Pizza

Generally speaking, ordering a pizza is a fairly easy task. But when The A.V. Club attempted to order Pizza Hut's new Hot Dog Bites pizza, we learned that our office was just outside the delivery range. With none of us able to leave the office in the middle of the day to pick up the three pizzas we obviously so desperately needed, we did what any enterprising group would do: We had someone else do it for us. Thanks to the kindness of A.V. Club contributor Dan Henrick, we placed the order and he generously picked up the trio of pizzas (cheese, pepperoni, and sausage) and brought them to our office for all to suffer through. For a city like Chicago that prides itself on both pizza and hot dogs, the Hot Dog Bites pizza is an affront to everything our home holds dear, and an even bigger slap in the face to those who appreciate quality products that don't taste overwhelmingly like salt. But this being The A.V. Club, there was at least one dissenting opinion.