The A.V. Club Eats Oreo Crème- And Birthday Frosting-Filled Chips Ahoy

We'd heard rumors about various disgustingly stuffed Chips Ahoy for a while now, but just this week we finally came across three variations—Oreo Crème-Stuffed, Birthday Frosting Filled, and Brownie Filled—at our neighborhood mega-mart. Of course, we had to eat them, because that's what we do, much to our dentists' dismay.

And eat them we did, as you'll see in the Instagram videos below, which feature Josh Modell, John Teti, Erik Adams, Sonia Saraiya, new copyeditor Caity PenzeyMoog, and David Anthony, respectively. The collective verdict? All three variations are really fucking sweet—as in "too sweet for any of us to finish the whole cookie," which is pretty depressing, if you really think about it. What in E.L. Fudge's name have we become?