The A.V. Club Drinks The New Toadies Beer, Stumbles All Over Possum Kingdom

When the Toadies' best and most successful record, Rubberneck, came out in 1994, it probably seemed impossible that one day, 21 years later, the group would have its own beer. And yet, here we are, with Fort Worth, Texas' Martin House Brewing Company having teamed with the group to produce Bockslider, a beer it touts as "an easy-drinking, copper-colored, lightly-hopped beer perfect for on-stage, backstage, or anywhere your rock music takes you." Never one to back down from a glass of cold, frothy alcohol, The A.V. Club bellied up to the "Possum Kingdom" bar and guzzled down a few ourselves, all while debating the merits of both the beer and the group. Not unlike the band itself, the beer is perfectly okay.

The Toadies' latest record, Heretics, is due out September 18.