The A.V. Club Chokes Down Ranch, Buffalo-Wing Sodas

Ranch and buffalo-wing sodas have been around for a while now, and yet, no one at The A.V. Club had ever managed to get their grubby little hands on it. (Honestly, we didn't try that hard.) However, after a trip to Columbus, Ohio's soda-centric Rocket Fizz store, Associate Editor Marah Eakin came back to AVC headquarters loaded down with all sorts of bizarre and gag-inducing sodas, including not only the aforementioned ranch and buffalo-wing varieties, but also peanut butter, graham cracker, cookie dough, and bacon sodas. Fortunately, David Anthony and Alex McCown were game to do some blind taste testing, all in the name of science (and readership.) The results aren't pretty, but they're pretty funny. Considering they shot down a fair amount of carbonated liquid ranch dressing back-to-back with the spicy and acidic buffalo-wing pop, that seems fair enough.