We're Trying Something Different With Thanksgiving Recipes This Year

In a lot of ways, Thanksgiving and The Takeout are a perfect match: We both celebrate the traditions, the infinite potential, and the deliciousness of food. This website and this holiday both exist to bring us together, though as in any family or comments section, things can sometimes go awry.

In 2017, we explained how to save time and grief with a pre-cooked Popeye's Cajun turkey. In 2018, we explored the unique trappings of a Midwest Thanksgiving. And now, for 2019, we're trying something different: We welcome you to Snacksgiving.

Is there anything more unifying than snacks? Snacking brings a group of people together, not just in shared comfort and joy, but physically together, huddling over a chip-and-dip, snatching up the goods until their appetites are all thoroughly ruined for dinner. A good appetizer recipe is worth its (considerable, mayonnaisey) weight in gold.

Over the next ten days leading up to Thanksgiving, we'll be debuting recipes that snackify all the holiday's classic dishes. Because when you celebrate with snacks, you can eat all day long, instead of waiting around for a definite mealtime. Snacks don't require utensils or even plates if you don't feel like doing the cleanup. Snacks mean that the Thanksgiving host won't have to use a cattle prod to herd guests from the living room to the dining room, because snacks can be anywhere. And snacks aren't trying to be anything more than what they are: something we gather around.