Last Call: Texas Artist Paints Thomas Kinkade-Esque Art Of Fast-Food Chains

If you don't know artist Thomas Kinkade's name, you definitely know his style: the type of softly lit landscape paintings that adorn grandparents' calendars and doctors' office waiting rooms across America. (His story has a tragic ending, sadly.) A Texas artist has picked up his mantle though; Michael Esperanza has lately been receiving attention for his idyllic paintings of fast-food restaurants like Whataburger and Taco Cabana. His Etsy shop has completed more than 1,500 sales. [Kate Bernot]

In praise of a chocolate malt

What's up Takeout fam. Ya boy Kevin's been out of commission—because he had to not listen to his dentist, refuse to wear his night guard like a good boy, and now he got himself a damn fractured molar. As I type this, eight hours after minor oral surgery, I'm eating the first bite of food in what's felt like forever: a chocolate malt from Midwest burger chain Culver's. And hot damn if it isn't the most glorious chocolate milk shake this stubborn boy has even tasted. Nothing more to say, besides a cold and custardy chocolate malt is lovely. [Kevin Pang]