Tennis Fan Filmed Dipping Chicken Fingers In Coke Explains: "I Just Really Liked The Taste"

We're all on board with dipping French fries in a Wendy's Frosty—the combo of salty and sweet totally makes sense in this context. But woe to tennis spectator Alexa Greenfield, caught on camera this week dipping her chicken finger into a Coke while watching a U.S. Open match. She was immediately the subject of public ridicule, as evidenced by this Good Day New York chyron that, under Greenfield's name, reads like an indictment: "Dipped Chicken Finger In Coke."

On that program, Greenfield explained where the unusual dipping move came from: Her dad taught her.

"He didn't do it [himself], but I guess he was like, 'If [the chicken finger is] hot you can cool it off. But, he was a strange eater too," Greenfield told Fox 5's Good Day New York.

Is it unconventional? Sure. But it's harmless. And Greenfield didn't seem to be courting this kind of scrutiny: "I just really liked the taste. People are telling me I should go to jail."

Ridiculous. Many of us have a weird-eating preference or two. Why has the public collectively decided that shredded cheese straight from the bag at 2 a.m. is celebration-worthy, but dipping chicken fingers in soda isn't? We at The Takeout salute you, Alexa Greenfield, as the poster woman for the most important rule in food: Don't yuck someone's yum.