Temptations Dropped A Horror Movie For Cats To Promote Its New Creepy Catnip

Cats are little weirdos, equally compelled by laser pointers and cardboard boxes full of trash. Despite having nine lives (that's eight more than the rest of us!), they're also easily spooked—which is why Temptations brand catnip just debuted Scaredy Cat, a four-minute horror movie specifically made for cats.

Scaredy Cat follows a lone wide-eyed feline slinking after a spectral ball of yarn as it rolls through a spooky haunted house. Y'know, classic scary movie stuff. As the night gets progressively darker and stormier, we see the heroic kitty face off against the most terrifying villain of all: a cucumber. It's a play on the dozens of viral videos that show cats absolutely losing their minds at the sight of a cucumber (apparently because cukes look enough like snakes to scare the furry pants off a cat).

Of course, not all cats are cinephiles. If your cat would rather stalk tiny robotic mice than browse the Criterion Collection, Scaredy Cat may still pique their interest. The film's creative team worked with the Waltham Petcare Science Institute to enhance the movie with highly specific sound frequencies designed to capture cats' attention. Worst-case scenario, you can always trap your cat on the couch with a few seasonal Temptations Creepy Catnip Treats, released along with the film.

Whether or not your cat has a robust Letterboxd presence, you and your furry friend can watch the four-minute flick on the Temptations YouTube page. The film is available throughout the spooky season—just don't be surprised if your tabby wants to sleep with the light on.