Tell Us What's The Best Sauce For Steak

Look at that picture above. Yowwwww. That, friends, is an herb compound butter shellacking over a ribeye steak. It's steak confit, beef bathed in beefy fats. Many would argue this is the perfect accompaniment for steak.


Then there are those—yours truly—who augments richness with more richness and stand firmly in the béarnaise camp. Others favor the red wine-based bordelaise. Our president says ketchup. Argentinians say chimichurri. Many are happy with bottled steak sauce. We haven't even mentioned blue cheese dressing, peppercorn, black garlic, or with the right cut of beef, no sauce at all.

So commenteriat, have at it in the open thread below: What sauces do you like to accompany a steak? Are there unorthodox choices we need to know about?