Sublimely Dumbass Teens Smash Van Into Pot Store And Steal Oregano

We can only imagine what it's like to be a teen in Colorado, maddeningly surrounded by pot dispensaries. Apparently, all that temptation was a bit too much for a group of young people who smashed a van through Colorado Springs dispensary Native Roots, according to CBS affiliate KKTV 11 News.

The teens then made off with the store's displays jars that looked like they were filled with enticing weed. But the joke's on them: Those jars were actually filled with oregano, reveals the store owner, who told 11 news that "they don't put the real deal in the items up for display."

Except for making away with the wrong loot, the plan appears to have been considerably elaborate. The likely stolen van was left running in the store, while the oregano thieves stole away in a separate getaway car. A passer-by called the cops and tried to get the license-plate number of the getaway car, and got a beer bottle thrown at him by the thieves. A police chase then ensued, but the teens got away. Although the expressions on their faces when they realized they just committed various felonies to steal oregano must have been priceless. Or did they quickly dive into that sweet bud, light up, and convince each other that it tasted a little weird, but fine?

At any rate, 11 News reports that this smash-and-grab is the latest in a string of teens smashing vehicles into businesses to steal things. Man. With all that weed around, you'd think kids in Colorado would be more chill.