Taylor Swift's Birthday Cake Was A Last-Minute Effort

The flawless final product was inspired by one of her songs from "Midnights."

Taylor Swift is a great lesson in separating the art from the artist. I just don't particularly like her, and I'm not totally sure why. Maybe it's because her wealthy father reportedly bought her way into the music industry. Maybe it's because her militarized fanbase scares the crap out of me. Maybe I'm just a bully and find her to be an easy target. But whatever the reason for my distaste, I still love almost everything she's ever done. And "everything" now includes her latest birthday cake. 

New Orleans–based Bywater Bakery had the pleasure of designing a cake for Swift's 33rd birthday last week—and they were on a tight schedule. According to People, the pop star's team reached out to the bakery on the night of December 12 and requested the cake be done by 10 a.m. the next day. (Yet another reason to dislike her. The entitlement!) The bakery was given "free rein" over its creation. 

"Our only instructions were to make it special," the bakery told People.

And make it special they did, creating a two-tiered cake inspired by Swift's new song "Lavender Haze," the opening track on her Midnights album. Per the bakery's Instagram, the bottom tier was a chai chocolate cake—presumably a nod to Swift's viral chai sugar cookies—with a chocolate ganache and caramel, while the top tier was a vanilla butter cake with banana mascarpone cream. Both tiers were iced with lavender-esque colors and topped with colorful florals.

The cake actually looks quite a bit like Jennifer Hudson's birthday cake she was presented back in September, from the two-tier design all the way to the color scheme and the florals, though Hudson's has a bit more orange in the icing.

Amanda Seyfried, however, appears to be the reigning queen of celebrity cakes. This year, she had a domed birthday cake shaped like the head of Mickey Mouse, which was downright tame for her. In 2011, she celebrated with a massive three-tier French-inspired cake that appeared to be the size of her entire upper body. It would've been a great blockade during the Siege of Paris.

But Seyfried truly outdid herself in September of this year when she celebrated her dog Finn's birthday with a life-sized bust-style cake commemorating her furry friend. The Emmy winner shared the cake in two videos on Finn's TikTok account, revealing the elaborate icing job in the first and the chocolate and vanilla marbled inside in the second. Unfortunately, since the cake contained chocolate, I assume Finn didn't get to have his cake and eat it too.