Havarti Yourself A Merry Little Christmas With Target's Cheese Advent Calendar

Ah, Target, glorious purveyor of $3 cat costumes, pumpkin spice cookie bites, and earrings that last just long enough to justify paying $14 for them and not a minute longer—how shall we ever escape its clutches? It just keeps selling cool shit that we totally don't need but totally want. (Target, you are welcome to use that slogan.) This holiday season, the popular chain will be offering a new thing to impulsively buy when you just came in for paper towels and a replacement TV remote: a cheese advent calendar.

Annem Hobson, the British food blogger behind So Wrong It's Nom, created what she claims is the world's first cheese advent calendar in 2016. Last year, she partnered with cheesemaker Norseland—the force behind cheese brands such as Jarlsberg, Applewood, Mexicana, and Ilchester—to make a retail version in the U.K., and this year it's crossing the pond courtesy of Target. It will be available in 247 Target stores across the United States in November.

Hobson's isn't the only cheese advent calendar on the market—Aldi has one, too—but hers has one particularly thoughtful little feature. The package, which needs to be refrigerated, opens like a book, and the halves can be torn apart to maximize space in the fridge after the first 12 days have passed.

Cute, right? The kind of thing you throw in your cart at the last minute and almost put back but decide to keep anyway and then feel a little guilty about but also proudly tell everyone that you purchased?

That decision, when you make it—or when it makes you, if you'd rather—will set you back $20 for 24 pieces of cheese, including a limited edition flavor.

In the U.K., the calendars will be available at Asda, Sainsbury's, and Booths stores. Carrefour and Co-op will carry the calendars in France and Denmark respectively, and in Portugal, it can be found at Continente stores nationwide.