The Takeout's 2023 Eats Calendar

Every eating event you need to know about in the coming year.

There's no greater waste of time and resources than a big, splashy festival where no one actually seems to be enjoying the food all that much. And when you think back to the festivals you've attended in the past, you can think of a few like that, can't you? We certainly know what it's life to wait in line for half an hour only to scarf a half-stale soft pretzel in the beating sun. The best events know how to avoid these pitfalls and make food a stunning highlight. When the community comes together, the menu on offer can involve everything from fried stuff on a stick to five-star fare—but whatever it is, it should be relished. Isn't that the whole point?

We at The Takeout want to make sure that no matter what you accomplish this year, you make sure to enjoy some top-notch food and drink. That's why we created the 2023 Eats Calendar, a month-by-month guide to our nation's quirkiest food festivals from coast to coast.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list (which would be an impossible task), but rather a lovingly curated one, designed to show the breadth and scope of how America celebrates food—and just because we can't help ourselves, we show a little Midwest bias, too. Simply click each month below to see the standout festivals and learn about local delicacies you've never heard of before. (Scrapple, anyone?)

Putting on a community festival is an impressive feat, often undertaken by dedicated volunteers and local governments working together for love of the game. We hope it sparks your imagination, inspiring you to book a trip to Vidalia, Georgia for the Onion Festival, or maybe Ellsworth, Wisconsin for the Cheese Curd Festival. But really, it's okay if this calendar of events sparks nothing more than your appetite.