Taco Bookmarks Are The Kind Of Innovation That Separates Us From Animals

We don't who figured out this ingenious food hack, but we think they deserve some sort of major award. The Presidential Medal of Freedom, for instance:

The revolutionary discovery is a gamechanger for those of us who are prone to losing bookmarks and who use a mini-fridge as a nightstand to take the work out of their usual 3 a.m. snack.

Several major food brands decided to replicate idea, which social media is calling "The Bookmark Challenge," but I'm calling "justification for eating Steak-umms in bed."

Also on my list of acceptable bookmarks:

  • Beef jerky (obviously)
  • Skirt steaks (both raw and cooked)
  • Fruit by the Foot (for long books)
  • Those free lollipops I help myself to at the bank because there's no sign that says "Children Only" now is there?
  • Smelt.