What It's Like To Get Married In A Taco Bell Cantina In Vegas

There’s unlimited food and beverage and a bouquet made out of hot sauce packets.

I always thought that if I ever ran off to Vegas to get married, I would like to do it in a chapel presided over by an Elvis. But now that I've seen this TikTok video of the wedding offerings at the Taco Bell Cantina on Las Vegas Boulevard, I'm not so sure. Who could resist walking down the aisle while holding a bouquet made of hot sauce packets and then celebrating with a Taco 12-Pack and a Cinnabon wedding cake?


In The Know reports that the Taco Bell Cantina has actually been doing weddings since 2017, but TikTok user @heathersrad recently brought it to the attention of the wider world. (A commenter on the TikTok video confirmed: "I'm an employee at this Taco Bell and it happens all the time!!!")

This particular Taco Bell Cantina looks like... a Taco Bell, albeit an especially nice and clean one. (A Cantina, in case you didn't know, is distinguished from a regular Taco Bell because it serves alcohol; the Vegas location is the flagship.) A wedding costs $600. This includes half an hour in the Taco Bell "chapel," which has room for 25 guests, plus t-shirts for everyone and the aforementioned tacos, Cinnabon cake, and sauce packet bouquet, plus a matching bowtie and garter.


But for $1,500 more, you can get the deluxe package: two-and-a-half hours in a reception area with room for 40 guests (and big screen TVs so no one has to miss any sporting events), and, most importantly, food and drinks. "So usually most of that goes to alcohol because the food is very affordable," @heathersrad helpfully explains in the TikTok video.

The TikTok video had many commenters reconsidering their life choices. "I was happy being single," wrote one, "but now I want to find a partner, so we can get married here & I'd get the reception package too."

But another predicted a more logical outcome: "Then everyone gets diarrhea and they live happily ever after. The end."