Taco Bell Finally Makes Its Triple Double Crunchwrap Less Mathematically Confusing

Multiply the numerator by the denominator, carry the tomatoes, and you get grande

Taco Bell first introduced the limited-time-only Triple Double Crunchwrap in 2016, and every time it was re-released over the next five years, the company decided to stick with the highly confusing name. What was tripled? What was doubled? Did any of us care? Tripling and doubling things is always good... right?

"The root of the name here is Crunchwrap and its origin goes back some years when the Crunchwrap Supreme was first created," explains the Taco Bell website. "Then there's prefixes and suffixes. So we added the words Triple and Double to it because the Triple Double Crunchwrap's name comes from the double layers you crave most about the classic Crunchwrap Supreme like seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, and that ever popular crunchy tostada shell."

Everyone clear on that now? No? That's cool, because I'm not either. All the tripling and doubling and beefing and cheesing bleeds together in a big, gloppy mess of nouns and adjectives, much like the ingredients in a Crunchwrap Supreme. Maybe that's why Taco Bell has changed the menu item's name to the Grande Crunchwrap, which we can all plainly understand is everything we love about a Crunchwrap, but grande.

Because it's hard to remember exactly what all this grande goodness is, here's a checklist of all its ingredients to outline exactly what you're in for:

  • Double layers of seasoned beef
  • Double layers of nacho cheese
  • Double layers of crunchy tostada shells
  • Regular amounts of lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream
  • One extra-large grilled tortilla
  • Anyway, the "new" Grande Crunchwrap is available now at select Taco Bell locations for a limited time only. Print out the bulleted list above and tape it to your dashboard if you need to, because no one wants to be stuck behind someone at the drive-thru who's struggling to do beef-based math.