Praise Be, Taco Bell's Tortilla Shortage Has Ended πŸ™

Blessings upon us this day, as the Taco Bell tortilla shortage has come to a close. We made it through the valley of shadow and doubt, as Taco Bell locations in the East Coast and Midwest last week suffered tortilla shortages that in some cases rendered them unable to serve burritos and the like.


But, rejoiceβ€”today, Nation's Restaurant News reports Taco Bell has worked with its suppliers to ensure a steady stream of tortillas. The company gave no reason for the shortage beyond "supplier shortages." (I am not the first to draw the parallel between this actual incident and the "running out of burrito coverings" in Idiocracy.)

The incident is an important reminder that while Taco Bell often giveth, Taco Bell may also taketh away. Let us no longer take our tortillas for granted.