Taco Bell Is Putting A Twist On Its Mexican Pizza

Two new versions of the Tex-Mex specialty are rolling out in test markets.

As we mentioned in our roundup of fast food's greatest 2022 comebacks, Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza was one of the year's buzziest resurrections. After nearly two years off the menu, the "pizza" (which Taco Bell describes as "seasoned beef and refried beans between two Mexican Pizza shells with Mexican Pizza sauce, three-cheese blend, and tomatoes on top") returned permanently this year to much fanfare. Now, Taco Bell is wasting no time in debuting two additional spins on the signature item, both of which sound promising.

According to a Taco Bell press release sent to The Takeout, starting December 22, the lucky residents of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma will be able to try the Cheesy Jalapeño Mexican Pizza, which features all the components of a regular Mexican Pizza plus a drizzle of nacho cheese and a smattering of pickled jalapeño slices on top. It can be purchased a la carte or as a combo meal with two Crunchy Taco Supremes and a large fountain drink.

Also starting December 22, customers in Omaha, Nebraska can order the new Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza, which takes a leaf out of the Big Mac's book and adds a third crispy shell to the center of the pizza, plus an extra serving of beans and beef. This item, too, can be purchased as a combo meal with two tacos and a large drink, though that meal sounds about as heavy as that Fox Business guy's $28 lunch.

Like so many other specialty items to hit the Taco Bell menu, the Cheesy Jalapeño Mexican Pizza can easily be assembled at any Taco Bell location by customizing with a side of jalapeño peppers (+$0.60) and a side of nacho cheese sauce (+$0.95). The beauty of the promotion is, apparently, its price point: the promotional item costs $4.99-$5.49, as opposed to the roughly $6.04 you'd spend to customize one yourself.

Meanwhile, the Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza would be harder to replicate outside the test market—not because a very accommodating Taco Bell employee couldn't build it, but because adding a third crispy shell (plus double servings of meat, beans, etc.) would be more difficult to itemize as additional charges if the location isn't set up for that customization. The cost of this promotional menu item is listed as $5.99, which effectively means you're doubling the size of your entree for an extra $1.50.

Even if you don't live in one of these heartland test markets, you might still be treated to some of Taco Bell's ceaseless innovations in the new year.

"Keep watching for more slices of Mexican Pizza news to kick off 2023," notes Taco Bell's press release. What else might the fast food joint have planned for its (taco) belle of the ball?