Your Baby Could Be A 7 Layer Burrito For Halloween Instead Of That Generic Peapod Thing

It's only 41 days until Halloween! It's not quite time to panic about a costume, but it's definitely time to start thinking about it. Fortunately, fast food has you covered! By which we mean that Taco Bell has come up with a full line of Halloween costumes. Dress up as a squad of hot sauces with your, uh, squad! Swaddle your baby in a 7-Layer Burrito Baby Bunting!

Per the press release sent to us by Taco Bell:

Couples That Taco Bell Together, Slay Together – name a more iconic duo than Fire and Hot Sauce Packets. We'll wait...

There is no word from Taco Bell about whether there will be discounts for people who come to Taco Bell on Halloween night dressed as Taco Bell hot sauce, but since the prices of these things range from $24.99 (7-Layer Burrito Baby Bunting) to $44.99 (Cheesy Gordita Crunch Tunic), maybe there should be? Think about it, Taco Bell. You have 41 days to reconsider.