Taco Bell Will Stop At Nothing In Forcing A Lifestyle Brand Upon Us

Aside from a brief tortilla shortage, everything's coming up Taco Bell lately. What was once a Mexican-American fast-food chain of oft-debated reputation has pivoted into lifestyle branding, and into the hearts and intestinal tracts of diners the nation over. Taco Bell—like so many fast food brands—is no longer satisfied as being a place where you can nourish the body and mind with a $1 cheesy bean and rice burrito; it's now a boutique hotel, a PARTY destination, and a place where even the job fairs pursue a fun and festive atmosphere.

As students return to schools and universities for a new year of learning, self-discovery, and an assumed wealth of Taco Bell breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, the chain wants to dress you and/or your children in its finest garments. The Taco Shop has released a new line of hoodies ($45), leggings ($45-55), glasses ($85), T-shirts ($20-25), and more as part of its fall line, which also includes backpacks, scrunchies, pens and pencils, stationery, and a hot sauce USB drive. Regrettably, no scented candles based on the restaurant's products are available at this time.

The new fall attire joins swimsuits, sleepwear, and other items as part of the chain's recent history of coercing allowing people to cement their loyalty to cheap tacos, burritos, and the rest of the lineup through fashion. And hey, when it comes to food brands getting into the streetwear game, everyone's doing it.