Taco Bell Resurrects Flamin' Hot Doritos Locos Tacos For NBA Finals

The rebirth of the Flamin' Hot tacos coincides with the chain's Steal a Game, Steal a Taco promotion.

You know when Jesus turned the water into wine, and everyone was like, "Wow, yes, this rocks, let's move forward with worshipping this 30-year-old weirdo?" I think about that a lot. My question: did anyone taste the wine? Or was the crowd so distracted by the smoke and mirrors that they failed to drink the young Lord's swill?


Either way, today's news from Taco Bell feels a lot like the brand is trying to turn water into mediocre wine. According to a press release sent to The Takeout, Taco Bell is bringing back the discontinued Flamin' Hot Doritos Locos Tacos just in time for the NBA Finals. To that, I say: cool trick, but where the hell's my Mexican Pizza?

Per the press release, the taco relaunch coincides with the chain's "Steal a Game, Steal a Taco" promotion. The promotion promises fans nationwide a free taco if one team stages a halftime comeback during the finals. Get it? Comeback? As in, Locos Tacos comeback?

Don't get me wrong: I'm not necessarily upset about the return of the Flamin' Hot Doritos Locos Tacos. Those tacos are delicious. All Locos Tacos are delicious. But the return of the discontinued menu item feels like a slap in the face to those of us who continue to mourn the Mexican Pizza. Locos Tacos feel like a paltry consolation prize as we've languished in our homes, scratching tally marks onto the wall to count how many days it's been since we lost that crunchy, beefy delight.


The 2021 NBA Finals kick off on Thursday, July 8, and they could run as late as Game 7 on July 22. According to the release, the Redemption Day details and official menu launch of the Flamin' Hot Doritos Locos Tacos will be shared at a later date, but you can check out tacobell.com/nba-comebacks for more information in the meantime.