Taco Bell Employee Risks Her Life To Save A Customer's

Not all heroes wear capes—some, like Sonja Nixon Frazier, wear a Taco Bell uniform.

Frazier, the night manager of a Taco Bell in Clarksville, Tennessee, was covering a day shift on August 12 when a car was seen moving in the wrong direction through the drive-thru, with its driver slumped over the wheel. Frazier and two other employees rushed out of the restaurant to save the day.


"We ran to him and pulled him out of the car," Frazier told CNN. "I checked for a pulse and found that it was vague. I almost couldn't find it at first. My coworker called 911, but I noticed his fingertips, his ears, and his lips were all blue."

Frazier began performing CPR on the unidentified man, continuing for 11 minutes until paramedics arrived on the scene.

"I saw him grab one of their arms when they were lifting him up in the stretcher and that was when I knew he would be okay," Frazier said. "This is what I was supposed to do... I was there to save his life."

Frazier is a mother of two who suffers from a rare lung disease called sarcoidosis, putting her at higher risk from coronavirus. Still, she chose to perform CPR on a total stranger for eleven whole minutes, knowing that saving the man's life was potentially jeopardizing her own.


"I have been really scared about COVID-19," Frazier said. "My preexisting condition can be deadly. But that never crossed my mind. It really didn't. All that mattered to me was saving that man's life. I wasn't going to leave him."

Clarksville Taco Bell general manager Marquita Johnson told CNN that although the incident was certainly surprising, the fact that Frazier rushed to save a stranger in need was not.

"She is a genuine person always willing to help anyone and everyone whenever she can," Johnson said to CNN. "She is my hero. I'm honored to be her boss."

Frazier said she hopes her story will inspire people to take a first aid class and learn CPR. Our hope, meanwhile, is that Frazier gets a well-deserved all-expenses-paid trip to the Taco Bell hotel.