We Found The Worst Drive-Thru Customer Of All Time

Get a load of these assholes. The Omaha World-Herald reports on two real pieces of work, who have snatched the title of World's Worst Drive-Thru customers. There's some stiff competition for that title, but turns out, a piping hot combo of bad driving, racism, car theft, property damage, and being an asshole will get the job done.


An Omaha woman—who is presumably not a jerk—was driving a 2003 Kia Sorrento was in a Taco Bell drive-thru, ordering food via the intercom at 1:40 a.m., when she "felt a jolt." A Volkswagen Jetta had rear-ended her car. She exited her vehicle and asked the man driving the Jetta to back up so she could see if the car was damaged. He denied hitting her car, and a female passenger in his car also denied that it happened. They refused to back up, and became hostile. Solid people, right?

The Kia driver apparently spoke with the World-Herald anonymously, because she fears for her safety. Because, oh yes, as of this writing, the individuals in the Jetta haven't been identified or arrested to anything. Great. Just great. Excellent. The Jetta apparently had out-of-state plates, so if you find yourself in a drive-thru with an irate Jetta driver who's maybe from Colorado, proceed with caution.


At some point, the Kia driver wisely started recording the interaction on her phone. The Jetta driver and his passenger "began yelling at her to stop recording." The dude then got out of his car, grabbed her phone, and threw it in the snow. The phone was still recording, and per the World-Herald, the Kia driver can be heard on the video saying the police had been notified. And then this shit happened:

"That's when he got back in his car and began going full speed ahead, ramming my car," the woman said. "I got back in my car to try and get it out of the way. Someone [from Taco Bell] said, 'Get out of the car, get out of the car. It's not worth getting killed.' "

Get out of the car, get out of the car. It's not worth getting killed.

The Kia driver, a black woman, also said that the female Jetta passenger, a white woman, started "yelling the N-word at her." The World-Herald article notes that a Taco Bell employee told the police that the white lady tried to punch the Kia driver, but said employee blocked the punch. Then the Kia driver, whose phone was still recording, took refuge inside the Taco Bell (and good on that Taco Bell for getting her out of that situation). And then this asshole driver got into the woman's Kia and "drove it into the concrete base around a pole." Then he got back in his own car and drove the hell away.


Sorry, tried to pay for food with sock guy. Apologies, amateur Taco Bell chef. Nice try, coupon guy, car-thief lovebirds, hot sauce-loving food throwers, actual bear, and lady who didn't enough ketchup packets. You've been bested.