DIY Taco Bell Crunchwraps Are Here

Official Taco Bell build-your-own Crunchwrap and quesadilla meal kits are now available at Walmart.

Taco Bell excels at catering to the needs of the super baked. Despite the rising cost of just about everything, it's still one of the most reasonably priced fast food spots. Taco Bell is different from other drive-thrus because rather than ordering a sandwich and fries and calling it a day, customers typically get a whole bunch of items to cobble together a meal. At the tail end of a bender, I need a Crunchwrap, a Gordita, and Doritos Locos Tacos. But what if I'm craving this cheap Mexican-inspired comida and there isn't a Taco Bell nearby?

Sure, I could order delivery and fork up the extra coin for delivery fees. Or I could make my own Crunchwrap with one of Taco Bell's new at-home meal kits.

Taco Bell’s Walmart meal kits, explained

Taco Bell just released two new Cravings Kits, priced just shy of $7 and available exclusively at Walmart. One is for the brand's beloved Crunchwrap Supreme, and the other is for the Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla. Why anyone would need a kit to make a quesadilla is beyond me, but hey, I guess some people need all the help they can get.


Each kit comes with the basic foundations, and you add your own protein and toppings. The Crunchwrap kit comes with four tortillas, four tostada shells, cheese sauce, and taco seasoning. You gotta bring your own lettuce, tomato, and sour cream, as well as the ground beef or vegetarian alternatives. The quesadilla kit, meanwhile, contains four tortillas, cheese sauce, and chipotle cream sauce. You have to BYO the shredded cheese and the chicken, and you'll definitely want to add a Lactaid pill.

Making Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme at home

Believe it or not, homemade Crunchwraps aren't a brand-new phenomenon. There are loads of Cruchwrap recipes online, accompanied with pictures that frankly look far more appetizing than the original. Redditors have also been posting shots of their homemade Crunchwrap creations for years. Welcome to the fiesta, Taco Bell. You're a little late.


This isn't Taco Bell's first foray into the at-home market; the company has long sold branded sauces and taco shells in grocery stores. And just last month, Taco Bell launched "SOS kits" for college students to keep them full during finals. The kits, which included taco shells and sauces, were so popular that Amazon had to temporarily pause sales the day they were released. According to a VP from Kraft Heinz, who made these new kits in collaboration with Taco Bell, there are even more on the horizon.

"We're focused on finding the white spaces at retail where we can make an impact for fans and develop products we know they will be excited to try," he told USA Today. I'm crossing my fingers for a Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch kit. (Try saying that five times fast.)