Swedish Burger Kings Offer "Grillsurance" In The Event Of Barbecue Ban

It's been a hot, dry summer in Sweden, dangerously increasing the risk for and occurrence of wildfires. In response, the Swedish government imposed a ban on all outdoor grills and camping kitchens. It's possible that such a ban could be imposed again next summer, and in response, Burger King has decided to offer the good people of Sweden some "grillsurance."

To be clear, this is a marketing gimmick, but it's a good one. Ad Age reports that Grillsurance Whopper Meals will be available throughout Sweden until September 11. Each meal comes with a code that purchasers can register online. If a total barbecue ban—meaning a ban that includes private grills, not just public ones—is instituted in the purchaser's area in summer 2019, the grillsurance policy kicks in, and the purchaser will then be entitled to one (1) free Whopper per day from June 15 to August 15, anywhere in Sweden.

The Grillsurance meals cost about 5 Swedish Krona (around $.55) more than the regular Whopper meal. That extra money will be donated to the Swedish Volunteer Fire Brigade, and Burger King will match the final donation total.

The Grillsurance website currently puts the odds of a ban next summer at 21 percent, and states that three-quarters of all Swedish households were affected by the 2018 ban.