Viral Short Film Delivers Shockingly Corporate Final Twist

If you're a Twitter person, you've probably been hearing a great deal about a "short film" that's making the viral rounds at the moment. The Brazilian video, originally released in 2016, is a commercial, but we'll come back to that, because it actively goes out of its way to avoid revealing itself as a commercial throughout.


What you'll see, at least until the last few seconds, is an affecting short-form piece about the inexorable passing of time, as a young man experiences his first birthdays, steps, romances, fistfights, and more, all delivered in the elegiac style of montage now famously associated with Terrence Malick's work on The Tree Of Life. As the oy ages, quarrels with his family, and eventually leaves home to discover the greater world, as ultimately we all do, the short looks to move you as profoundly as it can in under 150 seconds.

Give it a watch (spoiler below the Twitter embed):

Now, a show of hands: who was prepared for this to be a fucking Subway commercial? If you raised your hand, put it down, because you and we both know that you are lying.


The commercial, brought to life by ad agency Stink Productions, is certainly unlike just about any other commercial for a $5 footlong that we've come across. We can definitely say that. We can also say that not since The Sixth Sense has the world come together like this to express its shock, confusion, and distress over a twist ending.

Remember, everybody. When you find yourself passing through a field of wheat, running your hands slowly over each stalk as the morning sun gently bathes you in light, as you recall times beautiful and painful, all long since passed: eat Subway.