Subway Toilet Meat Was Merely A Ploy To To Get A Record Deal [Updated]

The employee posted videos of himself flinging food around a Providence, Rhode Island Subway franchise.

Update, October 22, 2021: Earlier this week, we questioned the motivation behind one Subway employee's artful acts of vandalism. Why did he cover a public toilet seat with deli meats? Why did he throw salad ingredients on the ground and stomp on them repeatedly? Well, now we have our answer: the now-fired employee was trying to get rapper Meek Mill's attention.


Music vertical Hot New Hip-Hop reports that the Subway vandal's stunts were all attempts to score a record deal from Meek Mill's Dream Chasers record label. "Tell Meek Mill to sign me," he said in a video resurfaced by Hot New Hip-Hop. "Let him know, I'm trying to get signed to DreamChasers. F*ck all this Subway shit. F*ck all this Subway shit, bro. At Meek Mill, let him know I'm trying to get signed. I'm deadass. I'm done working at Subway. Deadass."

Meek Mill hasn't yet commented on the fiasco.

Original post, October 18, 2021: What is man without art? Stripped of self-expression, humans are but hammer-wielding flesh lumps milling about the earth, emitting odors, fornicating, and waiting to die. And what, then, is art? This is the extremely deep query behind the recent firing of a Subway employee who filmed himself decorating a toilet seat with deli meats. Art! Humanity! Tragedy! Cold cuts!


Newsweek reports that the Subway franchise staffer was fired after filming himself trashing a Subway bathroom in Providence, Rhode Island, then posting the videos on YouTube. The videos show the individual committing a variety of sandwich atrocities, including stomping on sandwich fillings, spreading deli meats across a toilet seat, dumping salad ingredients on the bathroom floor, and chucking trays of bread to the ground. It's unclear when he pulled this off, although the videos appear to show an after-hours Subway setting. Subway After Dark, if you will.

So, why'd he do it? In an interview with The Daily Mail, the fired employee said: "Unfortunately, I'm a content creator, so I create controversial videos to be able to potentially monetize my audience on YouTube and other social media platforms." He added that he was worried about being convicted of a crime, but the stunt was "a decision I made over time." He does appear to be serious about his YouTube content, with a total of 11 channels dedicated to food, fitness, financial investments, "monologues," and a capella musical performances.

A Subway spokesperson told Newsweek: "Subway and our network of franchisees take health and food safety extremely seriously and don't condone any behavior that violates our strict policies in these areas." Once again, who are we to question art? Especially art of the Toilet Meat variety? Who knows—maybe, 20 years from now, meat-laden toilet seats will be all the rage.


See you at Art Basel, rogue ex-Subway employee.