Stranded Trucker Walked 36 Miles Through The Woods, Didn't Eat His Potato Chip Cargo

This survival story is impressive, and that's before we even get to the potato chips part: A 22-year-old truck driver was driving through Oregon last week when his GPS misdirected him to a remote, forested part of the state. CNN reports it was nighttime when the driver realized he was in the wrong place and attempted to turn around. But his truck became stuck, and the driver set off on foot.

Three days and more than 30 miles later (!), the man found his way to a highway where another driver picked him up. The trucker was suffering from dehydration and potentially frostbite, but was otherwise fine. Amazing, right? But no, we haven't even arrived at the most amazing part of the story: The trucker was hauling a load of potato chips, which he didn't eat the whole time he was trudging through the woods.

If I was that trucker, the moment the wheels get stuck in the mud I'd be reaching for the chips. Stress eating is a real thing, and I can't imagine a much more stressful situation than being stranded in the woods dozens of miles from civilization with no cell reception. Headlines would read: "Missing trucker found five days later cocooned in nest made of empty Lay's bags." Even if I set off on foot thinking help could be nearby, after an hour or two of hiking, I'd probably have worked up an appetite and would have circled back for snacks. But not this guy, who told his boss he didn't think about touching the potato chips.

The man's boss relayed his words to CNN: "'That stuff's worth something, that's the load—I'm not gonna touch it.' That's the way he was raised, that stuff's not yours, you don't touch it."

Not even when you're actually on your way to starving.