Say It's Cinsault: Storage Place Dumps 65 Cases Of Lady's Wine After Credit Card Error

Say you've slowly been collecting wine for over 20 years, carefully stowing it away in a storage facility designed to store wine. Then say through no fault of your own, the company dumped all 765-odd bottles. Would you cry? Run to the facility and drink from the dumpsters? Schedule an emergency session with your therapist and start hoarding bottles under your bed?

If you're Elisa Kwon de Alvarez, you'd sue. The New York Post reports on the exact gutpunch described above, which Alvarez alleges took place after Chelsea Wine & Storage charged the wrong credit card, a move which then sent her account—which she's had since 1997, paying by the case of wine—into arrears. The company then "unilaterally" dumped the cases. All 63 of them.

Alvarez was paying $2.50 per case when she first stashed her considerable wine collection at the facility in 1997. Per the Post, that fee had doubled by 2016. That means her monthly wine storage bill was around $315/month. Her new wine collection storage fee is a hot $0.

Alvarez is seeking unspecified damages in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit against the company. Yeah, no shit.