Delivery Drivers, Share Your Wildest 4/20 Customer Stories To Win A $420 Tip

April 20 is a widely celebrated, if technically unofficial, national holiday. It's a day when everyone has an excuse to celebrate a plant that grows bountifully from the ground, alters our state of being, and makes us all a little happier each day (as long as we don't have too much of it, that is). It's 4/20—also known as National Cold Brew Coffee Day. If you had any mistaken impressions about which mind-altering plant I was talking about, that's on you, pal.

In honor of the only plant-based holiday that occurs on this day, STōK Cold Brew wants to reward the true heroes: food delivery drivers, who we can only assume will be out and about fulfilling a suspiciously high volume of orders on 4/20 (again, for no reason that we are able to ascertain). Indeed, as STōK informed The Takeout, delivery orders have been known to spike by as much as 300% on April 20 each year, so drivers will need to keep their energy up with... coffee, perhaps? After all, caffeine is the substance being celebrated on that day.

So, STōK wants drivers to share their "wildest, funniest or most interesting delivery stories," and in exchange, they will be entered to win a supply of cold brew coffee and a $420 tip for their efforts. Enter here between now and April 19, and then on 4/20, STōK will select 100 eligible entries at random to win the cold brew and the cash. We non-delivery drivers still get to participate, in a way: we'll get to enjoy some of these outlandish customer stories, because any particularly off-the-wall anecdotes will be shared on the brand's Twitter account throughout the day. So no matter what, it will be a memorable National Cold Brew Coffee Day for us all.