Starbucks, Everyone's Favorite Plan B, Becomes A Last-Minute Wedding Chapel

We've all been there: planning to try some new lunch spot or boutique coffee house, only to find it's completely slammed. You open Yelp, see what's nearby, and think, "To hell with it, I guess I'll just go to Starbucks, whatever." Now, imagine that, but for your wedding. That's more or less what happened to Amber Plyler and Kate Mang, who got married at a Starbucks in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina this month.

Well, fine, it's a little cuter than that. The two brides were planning on getting hitched in a small ceremony on Isle of Palms. When the weather didn't cooperate, the couple realized they didn't have a plan B, until a friend suggested they have the ceremony in a Starbucks. It wasn't a totally random suggestion: The coffee chain has some sentimental value to Amber and Kate, who met while working as Starbucks baristas. Strangers pitched in to help transform the coffee shop into an ad hoc chapel. The editor of Charleston Weddings magazine happened to be there and called some event planner contacts! One of the baristas played her cello during the ceremony! The whole thing came together in about an hour; you can check out photos here.

Frankly, I'm so paranoid about viral marketing schemes that my cynical side suspects this nice gay wedding might be just that. But whatever! I hope they served those bacon, egg, and gouda sandwiches at the reception. Those are delicious.