Starbucks Knows You Didn't Like Its Holiday Drink Lineup

Look, Starbucks is sorry about the Chestnut Praline Chai Tea Latte, okay? You keep saying you want new flavors, and the Black And White mocha lattes actually sounded really good in a whiteboard brainstorm session. Does nothing make you happy any more? At least Starbucks is trying. They could have given up years ago and just let you have the same damn lattes as always. Is that what you want?


The coffee chain struggled to keep the romance alive at the end of 2017, with CNBC reporting that Starbucks stock was down 5 percent at the end of last week after holiday sales missed their targets.

"Holiday [limited time offers] and merchandise did not resonate with our customers as planned," Starbucks CEO and president Kevin Johnson said on an earnings call last week. (We at The Takeout enjoyed the "lesbian cups," actually.)

But 'bucks wants you back, babe. Remember the good times? The Frappuccino times? Maybe the new Blonde Espresso will reignite the flame. Or maybe you want a coffeeshop that only accepts credit cards. Or how about Starbucks just gives you a credit card?

Nation's Restaurant News reports that the coffee chain will partner with Visa to launch a Starbucks credit card next month. The move is built on sound, time-tested logic: Didn't get what you wanted for the holidays? Here, just take the damn credit card.