Starbucks Delivery Will Go Nationwide By Early 2020

Last fall, Starbucks began to embrace the inevitable when the Starbucks Delivers program made its drinks, sandwiches, and bakery items available for app orders through Uber Eats. After starting out in south Florida, with a later expansion testing the service in 11 major markets, it'll soon be time for caffeine lovers and croissant fiends to get their fix all over the U.S.

Starbucks has announced that delivery will be available nationwide by "early 2020," exclusively through Uber Eats for the time being. "Approximately 95% of menu items" will be available for order and delivery, as part of the wider rollout. QSR also reports that deliveries in Miami, the first test site, were averaging fewer than 30 minutes from order to arrival. The report also acknowledges that Starbucks "... did not say Tuesday whether the rollout would include franchise as well as corporate locations, and how many were involved exactly. It only noted that it would spread nationwide."

With over 17,000 U.S. locations as of this writing, it'll still be a major transition for the international coffee juggernaut. As consumer expectations continue to move in the direction of instant, smartphone-based accessibility for pretty much everything, and the competition continues to close the gap, restaurants being immediately available for delivery is starting to be less of a perk than a requirement.