Starbucks Now Also Declaring That Fall Officially Starts In August [Updated]

Update, August 26, 2019: After Starbucks announced last week that fall begins on Tuesday, August 27, it has one last exciting announcement for all you pumpkin-flavor enthusiasts out there: Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. According to Starbucks, it's the first cold pumpkin drink to be added to the menu since the PSL took over 16 years ago. Somewhere, Autumn Man rejoices.

Original story, August 21, 2019: As announced just last week by Dunkin', Wednesday, August 21 heralds the arrival of autumn, or at least of the autumnal coffee drinks. If you're inclined to point out that this year's fall equinox doesn't arrive for 33 more days—September 23—or that it's still above 70 degrees in many parts of the country, or that some kids aren't even back in school quite yet, sorry. We don't make the rules. The brands with pumpkin spice lattes to shill, they make the rules.

Since it's already been caught sleeping at the fall-as-early-as-possible switch, despite typically kicking things off around this time each year, Starbucks wants you to know that it'll also be celebrating the annual return of pumpkin spice coffee drinks as soon as possible:

As our own Kate Bernot previously expressed in verse, now is the time to enjoy the season in venti or tall. At this point, there's little to be gained from resisting the onslaught of pumpkin spice everything, however premature. Sure, seasonal creep will continue to guarantee the moving-up of timelines for holiday celebration, but at least now we can enjoy all the great food options that come with the territory as well. Surrender to the coming of fall, friends. Just remember not to start burning leaves until they hit the ground.