Last Call: This Is The Way Phones Were Meant To Be Used

As someone who cares not for tech or gadgets, I will say that the new Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phones are highly impressive. They have touch screens, but they're also flip phones. Folding screens! I mean, that's some crazy space-age futuristic sci-fi stuff right there, and it's happening in our time. And what shall mankind do with this amazing technology that has thus far only existed in our wildest dreams? We shall use it to smoosh grapes and jelly donuts, of course.


Thank you, Mashable, for making something I never knew I needed to see happen. I am proud of humanity today. Our species has at last reached its apotheosis, and I am fortunate enough to be alive to witness it.

Any other suggestions of what to smoosh with a flip phone are both welcome and encouraged.