Spinning Meat Wheels Face Key Vote In European Parliament

A vote scheduled next week in the European Union Parliament may have implications for the world's most popular form of spinning meat wheel: the doner kebab.

At issue, according to BBC News, is how doner kebabs are produced, specifically the inclusion of phosphate additives, which help the lamb/beef bind together. Health specialists believe the additive contributes to heart disease, and left-leaning EU members want to block a measure that would allow its usage.

(Here's where it gets confusing—according to the BBC, phosphate additives are technically banned from processed meats such as doner kebabs, but the EU doesn't enforce it. If EU members are successful in blocking the measure, which would regulate the usage of the additive, the production of doner kebabs would likely face greater scrutiny, and its production methods will likely have to change.)

Those in support of allowing and regulating phosphates say doner kebab purveyors have no other options to produce the meat wheels effectively. At the heart of the matter, it seems, is health vs. government oversight.