Sour Patch Kids Saves Halloween By Giving Away Toilet Paper. We'll Explain.

An odd byproduct of experiencing a global pandemic is that it has really inspired peak creativity from America's marketing firms. Some of the promotions we've seen this year could have only come to life at a time when literally nothing else was happening. What other occasion would Natty Light have to install a dorm in your backyard or fly you to nowhere in a party jet? When else in history would Popeyes have wanted to set us up with Netflix accounts? Brands have been pulling flashy stunts left and right, all hoping that in times of uncertainty, consumers might still splurge a little. And that's why Sour Patch Kids is giving out, uh... Sour Patch Kids–branded toilet paper. Allow us to explain.

According to a press release, the Kids—the mischievous little guys pictured on the bag—want to save Halloween from becoming another tradition canceled due to COVID-19. So they're coordinating a big "Reverse Trick-or-Treat" experience, delivering candy care packages to residents in 12 U.S. cities so children can enjoy Halloween without leaving the house. The care packages include not only Sour Patch Zombies, but rolls of Sour Patch Kids toilet paper, "because nothing screams Halloween like TPing your living room and wreaking some safe Halloween havoc indoors." Like we said: mischievous!

"In one lucky city, the Kids will roll through the neighborhoods in a larger-than-life jack-o'-lantern mobile, shaped like the classic candy bucket," the press release continues. "Hopping off their one-of-a-kind candy carriage, the Kids will personally bring Halloween tricks and treats right to families' front doors, dropping the deliveries off contact-free while maintaining all proper safety measures."

If you, like me, are curious about how on earth a driver might maneuver this candy bucket carriage down a city street, you can request that the Kids come to your area by commenting on the above Instagram post. The winning city will be selected later this month. So far, it looks like a lot of commenters are coordinated in their efforts to bring the giant jack o'lantern to Ann Arbor, Michigan. But even if you lose out on the candy carriage, 11 other cities will still receive care packages—meaning that Sour Patch Kids toilet paper is within your grasp. Don't let us down.