Say "Sorry I Tased You" With A "Sorry I Tased You" Cake

An Ohio police officer chose to apologize to the firefighter she accidentally tased with an act worthy of Emily Post, presenting him with a big ol' cake that says "Sorry I tased you."

I'm not sure why anyone would need any additional information about this story, because it's a cake that says "Sorry I tased you," who could ask for anything more. But take it away, FOX 40:

A police officer in Ohio who accidentally shocked a firefighter with a Taser has made amends with cake... The police department said Workman used her Taser to subdue [a subject in an altercation] but accidentally shocked firefighter Rickey Wagoner.

So, as one does in these situations, the officer gave Wagoner a cake that said, "Sorry I tased you!"

Officer Workman was helping the fire department with an emergency medical situation when an altercation with the patient caused her to deploy her Taser. She accidentally tased firefighter Ricky Wagoner in the process, so she got him a cake, which you can see below.

Some closing thoughts:

  • That cake looks tasty and the frosting is very neat.
  • The frowny face is unquestionably the best part of this cake and I will accept no other suggestions.
  • Actually, I take that back, will accept arguments that the color and/or the exclamation point are the best part.