Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Tied The Knot With Ring Pops, Bless 'Em

Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner and Jonas Brother Joe Jonas are fiancées. Scratch that—were fiancées because last night they left the Billboard Music Awards to get married in Vegas by an Elvis Impersonator.

The best part? They didn't go to Jared. They went to wherever fine Ring Pops are sold.

Representatives for Turner confirmed to Newsweek that the couple, who have been engaged for two years, did get married, so the Ring Pops do not lie. It's possible that there will be another, fancier wedding with less edible jewelry at a later date (if only because Maisie Williams, Turner's best friend and TV sister, was not in attendance, and that just not right).

That's the story. The Queen of the North, the Lady of Winterfell, our Monarch of Meal-Planning and wine-chugging champion got married with Ring Pops, to a Jonas of the musical Jonases, and that's the tea.