Sonic Is Summoning Summer With Booze-Inspired (But Not Boozy) Slushes

As if getting the vaccine wasn't enough of a reason to be excited about this summer, we're also getting a whole menu of amazing seasonal drinks from Sonic, which is great news for all you folks who intend to be out and about from dawn to dusk. Summer 2021 has to go twice as hard to make up for all the wild times and sunlight exposure we've been missing out on—we need bells, whistles, and all the razzmatazz Sonic can throw at us. Starting on May 31, that razzmatazz is coming to us in the form of "Bursting Bubbles." These boba-esque beverage blobs will be available in three flavors: Green Apple, Cherry, and "Blue Burst." What flavor is blue, exactly? It's the flavor of excitement and living life to the extreme, and it can be all yours til August 1. Even though this will be the summer to end all summers, let's not pretend that we can handle more than two months of bursting beverage bubbles just yet. We need to pace ourselves.

The end of August brings a brand new slate of beverage specials that, dare I say it, will make us forget all about beverages with bobbing blue balls: non-alcoholic frozen cocktails. These "Uncorked Slushes" will be available in Strawberry Frosé, Red Berry Sangria, and Peach Bellini, and will stay on the menu until September 26. Alas, these drinks will not be sold with tiny paper umbrellas, so be sure to pack some in your glove compartment. You never want to roll up to a Sonic and find yourself unprepared.