Sonic Drive-In Has No Time For Your Weed-Smokin' Hijinks

Fast-food restaurant staff are painfully aware that potheads associate their product with an evening of bong rips. Such customers are fooling no one with their glassy eyes and stammering speech as they struggle to coherently order two cheeseburgers and a large milkshake. But a Sonic location in Gulfport, Mississippi has had it with rude stoners at the drive-thru, officially.

The Sun Herald reports the Sonic location posted a sign a couple weeks ago reading: "ATTENTION. If you are smoking weed in the drive thru you will not be served! Please show some common courtesy and smoke and air out before pulling up to order." The posting is reportedly in response to a customer who blew marijuana smoke in the face of a drive-thru employee.

Wow, what a dick. It's one thing to roll through the drive-thru blasting Phish and smelling of some high-grade ganj; it's another to be a huge asshole and blow smoke in someone's face. Do better, ya damn hippies. Back in my day, we paranoid teens did everything we could to mask the fact we'd taken two hits off a spliff before rolling up to the drive-thru, as though the smock-clad kid behind the glass was going to whip out an FBI badge and drag us away. Air fresheners, Febreeze, windows down even in February ... we were so courteous! Our Toyota Corollas probably smelled better than a fresh basket of laundry.

The sign really isn't about Sonic vs. stoners, though; it's a question of basic manners. If you're not mature enough to treat restaurant staff with decency, you're not responsible enough to ingest mind-altering substances.